Facts of Human Heart


Out of the All internal Organs Heart Plays the Vital role.It pumps the Blood around our body through the Blood Vessels

The Cool Facts about the Heart are given

1) Heart is Made up of mainly four chambers namely Left atrium, Right Atrium, Left Ventricle and the Right ventricle

2) The Total Study of Heart and its Disorders are known as Cardiology

3) Rib Cage protects our heart, and heart is located in the human chest

4) The Muscle cells Contract due to the Electricity going through the Heart

5) At an Average around 2,700 people die because of Heart Diseases

6) The weight of Normal Adult Heart weighs 10 ounces, for women it weighs 8 Ounces

7) An Average Human Heart Beats for 72 times in an Minute

8) It Takes 20 Seconds for the Blood to Circulate through our Entire body

9) About 2,000 Gallons of Blood was Pumped By human Body Approximately through out the day

10) In 1967, The first Successful Heart Transplantation was Performed.It was in Cape Town, South Africa.