facts about the Elephants


Elephants are one of the Largest animals in the World, Let us see some of the Interesting facts about the Elephants.............

1) The Largest Mammals in our world that lives on land are Elephants

2) Elephants are classified into two types, Asian and African Elephants

3) By making an Sound called "Tummy Rumbles " elephants would talk to each other

4) An average Elephants would walk about 4 mph

5) Elephants are capable of Swimming to Longer distances

6) The Indian Elephants life span is 70 years

7) The weight of the Indian Adult Elephant is 10,000+ pounds

8) Normally an Indian Elephant which was fully grown reaches the height of 8+ feet

9) In a Single day, Elephant consume 500 pounds Hay, and 60 Gallons of Water.

10) Elephants smelling sense is good, it smells the water from the 3 miles also

11) The Elephant trunk consists of more than 50,000 muscles