facts about Human Lungs


Lungs are the Vital organs in the human body, it plays an key role in our Human survival.So we collected some rare and unknown facts of lungs for informative purpose.I hope you like it...........

1) The Left Lung is smaller than the Right Lung because the heart is in the middle of Chest Cavity as the Larger part bulges out to the left, Leaving less space for that lung.

2) The Word Lung word came from the Old English word "lunge" which it means "Light"

3) The lungs is the only organs that can Float on the Water

4) Approximately we are taking about 22,000 breaths every 24 hours

5) We have approximately 1500 miles of airways

6) The Surface area of the lungs is roughly same size as the Tennis Court

7) If placed one to one end the Capillaries in the lungs would Extend about 1,600 kilometers

8) The Breathing Rate is faster in women and children than in Men

9) Approximately 1 litre of air is always stay in the lungs, no matter how we hardly breathe out

10) About 300 Million Alveoli was there in the Both lungs of an Adult