How To Straighten Your Hairs Naturally

How To Straighten Your Hairs Naturally

Friends i am giving you a little tips for making your hair to straighten naturally, Especially for women who want to always display their hair well.

Tips for Straightening Hair Naturally

  • Take some celery leaves which are fresh and crush them to give a little water.After that take the juice by squeezing the water.Then keep in your Bottles and leave it for one Day.In morning massage it all over scalp and rinse with water, then wash with a suitable shampoo.

Note -Do not use this for cream for head bath.Apply this only in normal times.

  • Mix the half cup of milk, half glass of plain water.Let store this in a spray bottle and spray onyour hair.Let stand for half an hour until smooth and comb the hair.Then wash with shampoo and conditioner
  • Mix one cup of coconut milk with half cup of lemon juice.Cool this mixture in refrigerator, it turned to a cream.Rub the mixture on your hair until it is evenly distributed.Massage the scalp and stand  dry for an hour

Remember use these treatments daily make the scalp dull.So do this treatments 2 to 3 times a week and this routine treatments make your hair straighten