Water filtration catridges at home??

For those who doesnt know why, follow me a sec.....i will explain till u understand.

Imagine that you are sawing galvanic pipe using grinding machine or a saw, there would definitely be presence of galvanic dust that blown or flown everywhere.
... and then we are so damn lazy to clean that place up....
Wind blow all the dust and the dust deposited into your drinking glass. You feel thirsty and drank the water!!
Then what will happened to your body? Do think about that......
*(references using galvanic pipe was used in order everyone could understand)

For those who wants more facts:
Do not think the supplied water by your Municipal Water Department is 100% clean. The water supplied and received daily is HARD WATER. Hard water contains elements like Magnesium, Calsium, Microorganisms and etc that might affect our health.

Where does these elements come from? Inside the 20-30 years old underground pipes.....?
Why does we could not see any traces of the elements? their sizes are very very very smmaaaaall....
What is the size of these elements? they are in micrometer size...even nano size perhaps...
How to prevents? Installed a decent water filtration catridge that can filter a 5micron element size.

Hopefully by installing water filtration system, you can avoid all these HARMFUL elements

By the way...this is the consequences if you use water directly from the tap or pipe...  
I have been sick for 3 days...date on the medicine (paracetamol and vitamin C) stated 23 June 2011....(so it is kinda recently!!)

How did i became sick? Hmmmm..... This is due to the unfiltered water of course!

The story goes like this, it was Wednesday 5pm, 22 June 2011.  Venue at Pasar Malam Section 7, Shah Alam Selangor (infront of I-City Shah Alam).

Walking along packed crowd and continuous sauna from the sun, makes me thirsty. Availability of cold drinks was not a problem at pasar malam due to plentiful choice of flavored cold drinks sold by individual or group merchant.

I stopped by at one of the stall because my eyes was gazed by the light green and icy sugar cane water! Without any hesitation, i bought the largest volume available there and paid RM2 to them.

Gluuup! Gluuup! Gluuup!

In 5 minutes, the icy sugar cane was no longer appeared in the real world. I have toss them to hell where they will be extract and punished! Just because they are so damn tasty...Muahahaha!

The story does not ends there...........................

Later that night around 2am, i had goosebumps and i cant close my eyes at all. My body start to feel very hot, like i am doing a 15km marathon or something. I felt sweats running down from my neck. My throat felt uncomfortable and feels like want to drink water continuously.

That morning, the symptoms got even worse! My body was shivering, my head feels super duper dizzy, i cant even stand on my feet. My body temperatures rose up until 38.8C.

That afternoon when i got my strength back, i drove to Pusat Kesihatan UiTM Shah Alam (place where all bad bacteria afraid to go!!) Queued for a while and meet the kind "BOMOH MODEN". Gave me all the necessary "JAMU" and "TONGKAT ALI ROOT", and i flee without paying the "PENGERAS".

Took me 3 days to recovered from fever and the only things left now is KOOFF! KOOFF!

Im very determined to kick you out of my body since you did not pay any rent to me this week! Muahahaha!! Enough joking..

The reason i was sick last 3 days is that i cant drink water from source of tap, pipe or unfiltered water. Cant even drink distilled water or whatever water sold at the hypermarket or supermarket (with exception of Mineral water). The Sugar cane that i bought from that particular seller is contaminated with tap or pipe water. Dunno who's to blame actually. Is it me to blame because im not careful?. Is it the seller that trying to make many profit by diluting the sugar cane and gain larger volume to be sell to stupid customer like me?

What ever the case is, i just want to be healthy as a horse again!!!

**Moral of the story, dont drink unfiltered water, boiled the water first, killed germs and filter unwanted elements from your drinks.