facts about lions


Lion is the king of the forest as all we know, but these are the facts you should know about it, as why it is termed as the king of the forest

1) Lions can live without drinking water for the Four or Five days

2) The lions can run at the maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour

3) Normally lions remain inactive for 20 hours in a Day, it waits for the Darkest and Coolest times to hunt

4) Lions are Excellent swimmers

5) The Adult Lion needs 10-15 Pounds of meat everyday

6) We can Hear the Lions Roar even we are 5 miles away

7) Lions are living in the Groups called "Prides"

8) Normally the Lions in the Wild lives around for 12 Years

9) Lioness are better hunters than lions, as they do most of the Hunting for their Pride

10) The weight of the Heaviest Lion was recorded as 375 kg.

11) The second largest cat species in the world , behind tigers was Lions