Premature Ejaculation


Premature Ejaculation makes your partner Disappointed and get you go out of bed so quickly.So many of the persons are suffering with this, so we collected some tips and remedies for your problem.

1) Take foods like Fishes, Lettuce and Ginger for this problem.It may help a lot

2) Recipe- Cut an ginger into cubes, add milk and Warm gently and add some honey to it.It works a lot.

3) Eat Bananas and carrot for the natural aphrodisisacs.

4) Stop eating cakes, breads, meats that excites you for an month.

5) Exercises

6) Enter your Partner and please stay with your partner upto 10 minutes without motion)

7) During the Intercoarse,whenever you feel that you are going to orgasm, pull out your partner for 30 sec and then re-enter

8) Pinch the head of the penis gently occassionaly, it helps you.

Finally these are remedies that helps you, but not totally give you relief, the last word is CONTROL on yourself make you to overcome this problem.