Top 10 Biggest stadiums of the world

Biggest stadiums of the world

Stadiums and sports grounds have always played a major role in our society in terms of sports while on the other hand; they are also being used for huge occasional ceremonies or festivals in some countries. The ones included in the Top 10 largest Stadiums list are used for multiple purposes of sports including American football, soccer, athletics, cricket and some more. Whenever we hear biggest stadium then those who are sports fan are aware of some of the famous sports grounds like Wembley and the Nou Camp but most of the people are not aware about their capacity or ranking. While making this list, we have done in depth analysis to bring you positive results of the exact the ranking. Although one of the major things about these sports grounds which differentiate their size is their total people capacity but there are some more things as well which have been kept in mind before finalizing this in to a list of top 10 biggest stadiums ever.  One thing which we would like to clear that none of these sports grounds hosts any type of car or bike racing events.

10. Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium

Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium
Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium is located in Austin, Texas, USA and kicks off the Top 10 largest stadiums list. It was made for the purpose of American football under the ownership and supervision of University of Texas. The seating capacity is almost 100,120. It’s almost 90 year old now and repair works are carried out time to time. It underwent its biggest renovations in 2009 for the purpose of increasing the seating capacity because of the increasing number of spectators who regularly attended the matches. According to many football teenage fans, Texas Memorial Stadium is a heaven on earth for footballers. The crowd is very civilized and humble as compared to many others where disagreements may start on small issues.

9. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground
Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium is located in Yarra Park, Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne Cricket Ground holds the 9th position out of 10 but is the biggest stadium ever constructed in Australia. Melbourne Cricket Ground has a rich sporting history and it also was used for Melbourne Olympics in 1956. The stadium is active throughout the year with entertaining sports like Cricket, Australian Rules football, association football and athletics. Over 3 million visitors and sports lovers comes each year to Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch exciting games or to attend the festival which the stadium if one is going on. Below it lies a museum which has the first ashes series trophy which has become a huge attraction for sports lovers who visit it. The overall capacity of Melbourne Cricket Ground is 101,000.

8. Bryant-Denny Stadium

Bryant-Denny Stadium
Bryant-Denny Stadium is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. If we look at this stadium from historic point of view, we can easily observe that with the passage of time the Bryant-Denny not only increased in size and technology but has also become the biggest symbol of Alabama. Bryant-Denny Stadium was opened to sports activities in September 1929 with only a couple of thousand seats but today it has the capacity of 101,830 seats. It is largely used for American football sport and for any American football fan it is one of the most favorite places to watch the game live.

7. Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium
Ohio Stadium is one of the most beautifully designed stadiums of the current era and is located in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Its aerial view gives the impression of an egg full of tiny creatures waiting desperately to watch their favorite players in action. When compared to others, this particular sports ground is not quite up to date in the usage of technology in the football game but still is preferred by every class of people. During the of matches seasons, the Ohio Stadium well represents the history and tradition of its people and area which is apparent in the crowds of different type of dressings and game related social activities. The current capacity is around 102,330 and most of the time during matches it’s almost impossible to get tickets for the best seats!

6. Neyland Stadium

Neyland Stadium
Neyland Stadium is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA and was started in September 1921 with a total number of only 3,200 seats. Now, Neyland Stadium is counted in the list of the most modern and biggest sports ground of the world with the seating capacity of almost 102,460.  It is 6th in the list oflargest stadiums and is also famous for hosting national day’s ceremonies and exhibition games. The crowd here has always been active and cheerful in appreciating the players who entertain them the most. It is typically known for American football sport and the people mostly wear orange color shirts. One unique thing about the spectators is that discipline is so tight that a spectator is not allowed to carry any cameras, radio or even any type of bottles.

5. Estadio Azteca

Estadio Azteca
Estadio Azteca is located in Mexico City, Mexico and it represents the pride of its country. When we look at the historic background of games held in Estadio Azteca stadium, it would be very easy to realize the value of this stadium because of so many of the biggest and unforgettable moments in football history occurred in this stadium. Some of the most memorable moments were created by Diego Maradona who scored the Goal of the Century and Hand of the God goal in this stadium. Estadio Azteca is also known for hosting the game of the century between Italy and West Germany in 1970 FiFA world cup Final. The current capacity of Estadio Azteca is around 105,100, making it the 5thlargest of the world. It is also used sometimes for major political events within the country.

4. Beaver Stadium

Beaver Stadium
Beaver Stadium is home ground of the Penn State Nittany Lions and it’s located in State College, Pennsylvania, USA. Beaver Stadium started in Sep 1960 with the capacity of 46,000 + seats but today its seating capacity is almost 107,000 which has made it 4th in the top 10 largest kist. The home crowd is very active, entertaining and mostly the dressing color which is preferred is white because of the team’s uniform resemblance. As Beaver Stadium is known for American football, most of the legends of this game have started and ended their careers on its green grass.

3. Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium
Michigan Stadium is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA and is virtually the most ideal sports ground for any American football fan all over the world in almost all its features. Along with being counted in the list of Top 10 biggest stadiums of the world, it is currently the largest American football sports ground ever built and is also known by its nick name “The Big House”. It was inaugurated in October 1927. If you truly want to enjoy a game with a highly active and motivated crowd who love their traditional game culture and have loads of affection for their teams, then the Michigan Stadium is the best place to watch a live game; not only because of the teams or the game but also because of the whole heartedly loving crowd. The current capacity is above 110,000 which make it the largest American football stadium all over the world.

2. Salt Lake Stadium

Salt Lake Stadium
Salt Lake Stadium is located in Kolkata, India and represents the love of football of the Indian people. Although the Indian football team has never qualified for the FiFA world cup, their love and passion for this game is quite evident when looking at the Salt Lake sports ground. It is 2nd in the Top 10 biggest football stadiums all over the world with the sitting capacity of more than 120,000 people and is mostly used for Association football and athletics. Apart from the sports, Salt Lake Stadium is also used by cultural festivals, national occasions and ceremonies. Although it is one of the biggest sports ground of the world but its active ratio of hosting national and international games is far less as compared to others present on the list.

1. Rungrado May Day Stadium

Rungrado May Day Stadium
Rungrado May Day Stadium is located in the beautiful city Pyongyang, North Korea and is currently the largest sports ground of the world and heads the Top 10 list. It is basically used for football and athletics purposes. Its design is also very famous and is known to be one of the architectural wonders of North Korea. If we have a look at it from above, it looks like a huge white flower with perfectly shaped petals! Rungrado May Day Stadium was opened in May 1989 and currently has a seating capacity of more than 150,000 which makes it the largest of the world. Rungrado May Day Stadium is currently used by the North Korean National football team and is sometimes used for national ceremonies and festivals.