My highest page views- ideas to help

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon all. Today im going to report my highest page views (monthly basis)

My highest page views is on that reaching 5000 hits per month..for me its super duper incredible!

Next is that counts for 4500 hits per month...

Next one is 4000 hits per month, where i go for vacation there.

Next one is about charmian chen.. this one around 3600 hits per month.

The upcoming and soon will beat the rest is this post....., it is 4630 hits per month

Another one that trending up is this one with 3000 hits....

next is 2000++ for a month on

Next is 1800 hits for  permonth...looks like everyone is planning to get married now.

Then, 1750 hits for

I dont know why that particular post have the highest page views. Do you have the same issue? Why is that on enormous post that i created, only that particular post received highest views.

What is your page views for now?
What is your page views for today?
What is your page views for a week?
What is your page views for month? 

Usually bloggers are most concern on the page views counts. More page views, more famous your blogs is. Also more products that they can promote in their blogs.

Any ideas why my blog posts will get the highest page views on related/particular posts?