Dark Matter as petrol alternative

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It is about dark matter...I myself only know a bit of this topic and i am not going to explain in detailed. Thus, i am going to paste what other people have mentioned in the news and related studies.
Why is it being called dark? Is it different from any material that we have around us like soil, water, plants?
The answer is yes....dark matter is different from material available on earth.
Dark matter constitutes 83% of the matter in the universe, while ordinary matter (such as material on earth) makes up only 17% of the matter in the universe. Scientific research on dark matter is still conducted, trying to uncover the advantages of these dark matter as they are abundance in the universe.
The author is Mohd Azrone Sarabatin and the article is "Jirim gelap bakal ganti petrol" edited on 9th June 2011.

Dark matter or the `Dark Matter 'is considered as a waste study by many researchers due to the study usually brings them to a fantasy world if they do research about it.
Senior Lecturer Department of Physics, Universiti Malaya (UM), Dr Zamri Zainal Abidin, the study on that field is not wasting time, but is comparable to other celestial studies.

That confidence is a stimulant to him to make innovations on previous researchers and to produce useful findings to the community not only in Malaysia but all over the world.

He said he is reviewing the specific use of dark matter in the field of physics to replace the fuel to petrol the vehicle.

He said if petrol supply could be found more easily without the need for prospecting that require a large expenditure and at the same time depleting oil resources.

"In fact, research and awareness of the dark matter is still low and not many people know the interest or benefit of the dark matter," he told Varsity at National Planetarium, National Space Agency in Kuala Lumpur, recently.

Zamri who has expertise in the field of Astrophysics and Cosmology, said the study should be conducted to cosmological dark matter to ensure that its existence is not perceived.

In physics and cosmology, dark matter is matter that is not acting with the electromagnetic force, but its presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on matter, which can be seen.

According to observations of the largest structures of galaxies, and the big bang cosmology, dark matter and dark energy is verified as significant mass in the observatory universe.

This observed phenomenon suggest the presence of dark matter include the rotational speed of galaxies, orbital velocities of galaxies in clusters, gravitational background objects by galaxy clusters such as the group rounds and temperature distribution of hot gas in galaxies and galaxy clusters.

Dark matter also plays a role in the formation of the structure and evolution of galaxies and has a measurable impact on anisotropy cosmic microwave background.

All the evidence suggests the galaxies, clusters of galaxies and the universe contains more mass than the act of electromagnetic radiation called ‘dark matter components’.
Let us hope researchers could extract any significant findings regarding the dark matter on the petrol problem. I just hope i live long enough to see the technology!!! Hahaha
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