Top 10 Best Bollywood songs 2011

Top 10 Popular songs of Bollywood 2011
Top 10 most popular songs of Bollywood 2011 are very hard to find because every day hundreds of songs are released all over the world. After a huge demand by subscribers for hit songs of Bollywood we have brought you this list of songs which are released till July 31, 2011 and those  which are released afterwards are not included in the list. Although everyone has their own choices regarding songs, this list is made on overall analysis keeping all the worldwide statistics in sight. Selection of these amazing songs is based on multiple sources like Youtube Views and likes, Critical acclaim, most searched songs on Google, sales figures, public recommendations from reviews, originality of song, originality of composer and lyrics. Copied songs are not included because critics do not rate them.


I Love You is a kind of a romantic melodious track of Bodyguard movie that takes one back to old days of Romance where you sit back and relax listening to a song and humming it with your loved one. A smooth play of harmonica blends great against the upbeat vocals of Ash King and Clinton Cerejo even as the laid-back I love you works its magic. It is also good to see Pritam experiment with relatively new singers like Ash King and Clinton Cerejo who do quite well to make this Song grow after a couple of hearing. The song is further repeated in a ‘remix version’ with the same pair of singers though for the unplugged version it is Shaan who takes the centre-stage. The Lyrics of I Love You are by Neelesh Misra.

9. Saathiyaa

Saathiyaa song starts off with the sound of a flute and immediately sets the tone for a melodic song of Singham movie. An easy on ears song which boasts of the kind of music that has never let down and would never disappear in many more decades to come, Saathiyaa is special due to Shreyas Ghosal’s sweet as honey vocals. She is clearly in the Alka Yagnik mode here and with good support from Ajay (who just comes for the line ‘Badmaash Dil’ throughout the song but ends up making a good impression). This one comes in a ‘remix version’ as well but one would rather want to put the original on repeat and hear it for hours. The lyrics of this heart catching song are by Swanand Kirkire.

8. Tera Hi Bas Hona Chaahoon

Tera hi bas hona chahun is a marvelous track from Haunted – 3D which brings in the rock feel. Although it’s a love song, a touch of rock makes it hard-hitting and gives it an edge. Jojo and Najam Sheraz have sung the song. The strategic usage of Tabla at the very beginning of this track reminds us of a popular track Tujhe Bhula Diya by Anjaana Anjaani movie. With a touch of Sufi element to it, the song is a passionate take on affairs though one waits to see how exactly it will be pictured and fitted into the film’s prospective. The lyrics of Tera hi bas hona chahoon are by Junaid Wasi.

 7. Aye Khuda

Aye Khuda off the movie Murder 2 is unlike anything that one has heard for a long time in Bollywood industry. This time around it is even more difficult to comprehend the tune as it is strictly situational and is certainly not the kind that you want to hum around. With a sad appeal to it, this Mithoon composed as well as written number has some meaningful lyrics to it but one still wonders whether the song would be able to hold its attraction during the films prospective. However after hearing the remix version of Aye Khuda one rests assured that this Kshitij Tarey, Saim Bhat and Mithoon track would play at multiple instances in the film and make much better sense when seen along with the storytelling.

6. Ik Junoon (Paint It Red)

Ik Junoon (Paint It Red) by Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara is one of those rare tracks where there is so much of naughty, exciting and energy through visuals with the sound being totally groovy. Vishal Dadlani is quite good behind the mike here with added vocals of Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, Gulraj Singh and Alyssa Mendonsa making the desired impact. And for those who were wondering whether they would ever be able to hit the dance floor with this infectious number, there is a ‘remix version’ included as well. The lyrics of Ik Junoon (Paint It Red) are by Javed Akhtar.

5. Char Baj Gaye (Party Abhi Baaki Hai)

Char Baj Gaye (Party Abhi Baaki Hai) from the F.A.L.T.U movie is playing everywhere in clubs and parties and has become a anthem. Lyrics which totally connects with today’s Youth, ‘Char Baj Gaye’ is a Hard Kaur solo with a very good support from the backup vocalists who never let the fun element to go away. A dance floor number, ‘Char Baj Gaye’ is an immensely catchy number which is all set to be one of the top playing numbers in the clubs. Foot tapping to the core, ‘Char Baj Gaye’ is an energetic number mainly hitting the urban audience. The lyrics of Char Baj Gaye (Party Abhi Baaki Hai) are by Irshad Kamil.

4. Bhaag D.K. Bose, Aandhi Aayi

Bhaag D.K. Bose, Aandhi Aayi from Delhi Belly movie is an experimental witty number written by Amitabh Bhattacharya includes quite bold lyrics which may not be liked by masses but surely be loved By the youth. Ram Sampath does a superb job as both the composer as well as singer and it is apparent that the man has been having great fun putting together this rock track. In fact it wouldn’t have been a bad deal at all if at least one more version of Bhaag D.K. Bose, Aandhi Aayi could have been added to the album.

3. Haal-E-Dil

Haal E Dil from Murder 2 marks the arrival of new talent Harshit Saxena. A product of many talent shows on television, Harshit does tremendously well in the capacity of both singer as well as a composer as he goes about creating ‘Haal E Dil’ which is a sure shot chartbuster. The Song looks pretty similar like Zara Si by Jannat or Mahie Raaz – the Mystery Continues. ‘Haal E Dil’ is exactly what one expects from a Emraan Hashmi romantic number. A love song by Sayed Quadri which yet again boasts of a different writing style, Haal E Dil arrives in an acoustic version as well which deserves to be played for your loved one.

2. Phir Mohabbat

Phir Muhabbat by Murder 2 is a love song which is quite heartfelt and has a soulful appeal to it. It also has a unplugged version where Mohammed Irfan sings very well. Lyrics by Sayed Quadri are very well written that pretty much convey the feelings of a person and compel him whether to allow himself to fall in love or not. Basically it’s a very classic song with heart touching music and lyrics. The Singers in this outstanding song Phir Muhabbat are Mohammad Irfan, Arijit and Saim Bhat.

1. Character Dheela

Character Dheela by Ready movie is Ranking No 1 in Top 10 most Popular Bollywood Songs Of 2011. Although Composer Anu Malik alleged that the song Character Dheela is an unauthorized copy of his “Mohabbat Naam Hai” from the 2001 film Ajnabee. But the controversy has not graphed down the popularity of the song. What actually catches your instant attention is the fact that  this is picturized on  Salman Khan the entertainer himself. The lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya has cleverly written smart lyrics keeping in view Salman’s on/off screen image in the Industry these days. Character Dheela by Neeraj Shridhar and Amrita Kak is a lot of fun for those four minutes that it plays. An interesting choreography with Zarine Khan oomph (a distinct shift from her Veer image) is another good reason that further consolidates the fact that Character Dheela would get a lot of local touch like whistles and claps when it plays on screen. A chart buster all the way that also arrives in a ‘remix’ and doubles the fun.