Install Alexa widget and toolbar to boost alexa ranking


As we know that Google page rank and Alexa rank decides our website popularity on the web. So you can say it is mandatory to install Alexa widget to your website to make it popular and increase Alexa ranking in the world.
So there are a few steps that you NEED TO FOLLOW but the installation don't have to be in sequence order.
  1. Install Alexa Widget in your blogger or wordpress.
  2. Install Toolbar for your web browser.
  3. Write something about alexa in your blog or wordpress (such as this post).

So i will try to explain one by one. 
The first one is to Install Alexa Widget in your blogger or wordpressWhen you install Alexa widget to your website, It counts every visit to your website like Alexa Toolbar and help you to boost/ increase Alexa Ranking.
I will suggest before creating Alexa Widget, first register a login into Alexa website and then follow below mentioned steps. You can also login alexa from your facebook account.
You can install Alexa widget from following link by just entering your website link and click on Build Widget button like this:
It will create some scripts with different button, Vertical Banner and Banner like here.

You can put Alexa widget in three ways as shown in above figure. 

The second step is to  install alexa toolbar for web browser (google chrome) . Just click on the link that i have provided and alexa will install it for you. When the installation have finished, it will look like this.
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It will show only global rank here, it will not show your current country rank as it doesn’t show my Malaysia rankings but you can see from here.
You can install these Alexa widgets to sidebar or footer by adding the scripts.
The last step is to write something about alexa. By doing so, alexa will tend to keep coming to your blog or wordpress. So good luck everyone!