Crazy Computer Facts

Computer is the biggest revolution in the man kind so far, it changed the whole world.The coolest and Craziest facts on the computers are given below, Read and enjoy..............

1) is the First Domain Registered Name Ever in the History

2) In 1964, The first Computer mouse was invented by Doug Engelbart which was made by Wood

3) In 1994, the banner Advertising was First Started.

4) At average computer users blink 7 times, where it is half than normal which is 20 times.

5) The house of Bill gates was designed by using Macintosh computer

6) At the year 2012, 17 billion Devices may be Connected to Internet

7) E-Mail is been around longer than the World wide web

8) Sweden is the highest internet using country, as 75% of the people in their country are using internet.

9) The another name of Microsoft Windows tutorial is " Crash Course "

10) Amazon was an Printed book Company,Now it is selling more E-Books than Printed books

11) In 1993, the most Popular Browser was Released which was called " Mosaic "