Top 10 Tallest buildings ever 2012

Top 10 Tallest buildings ever
Skyscrapers and tall buildings are fast becoming a normal part of our life now days. People have started switching from small ground floor houses to apartments in buildings for living and official purposes and that’s why huge and higher skyscrapers are getting built day by day. It’s a hobby of many people to reach the top floor of any high skyscraper and look down for hours while enjoying the view and thinking about the superiority sometimes as well. But this is not the same case always. Sometimes when a person is walking on a road and reaches near any skyscraper then it’s an obvious thing that he or she will look at the top of the building at least once with wide eyes.People look like small insects moving on the ground from the top view . Almost 99 % of the people who will be reading this post knows that the most tallest building of the world is Burj Khalifa which is also called Burj Dubai but only a few knows the entire list of tallest buildings of the world. But we have brought you the up to date list of tallest existing buildings of the world. One thing which should be realized that designing and developing a skyscraper is not an easy task.

10. Two International Finance Centre

Two International Finance Centre
Two International Finance Centre is one of the most prestigious designed buildings in Hong Kong. The height of Two International Finance Centre is 415 meters (1,362 feet) having 88 floors. It was built in 2003. Two International Finance Centre can accommodate more than 15,000 people. The light blue shining color of this skyscraper makes it even more beautiful in the day light. Two International Finance Centre is among some of those buildings of the world which have double deck elevators. One interesting thing is that this tall building was featured in one of the best movies of Hollywood (Tomb Raider 2). The beauty of this tall building gets doubled as being constructed near the sea shore. The telecommunication network of Two International Finance Centre is one of the best of the world.

9. Jin Mao Tower

Jin Mao Tower
Jin Mao Tower is the 9th tallest building of the world. Basically 88 storied concrete, steel and glass giant pagoda dominates Shanghai which is a  rapidly growing financial district. Jin Mao Tower is 421 meters (1,380 feet) high and was built in 1999. In day light the heart capturing grey color enhances the beauty of Jin Mao Tower. The hotel on the top floor of this building is considered as one of the highest hotel of the world which is Shanghai Grand Hyatt hotel. Jin Mao Tower is mostly used for official purposes or tourist visits to the great grand Hyatt hotel which gives an extra ordinary beautiful view from its top floor to the interior of the building. Currently Jin Mao Tower is the second tallest building in Shanghai but it used to be the tallest building of China from 1999 to 2008 when Shanghai World Financial Center was built and it took its place.

8. Guangzhou International Finance Center

Guangzhou International Finance Center
Guangzhou International Finance Center holds the 8th position in our list of top 10 tallest buildings of the world. It’s a huge skyscraper 438 meters (1,435 feet) high having 103 floors and was built in 2010 in Guangzhou which is one of the most developing city of China. In our list China is having 6 out of these 10 skyscrapers which prove the strong position and growth of China. Some of the main purposes of the construction of Guangzhou International Finance Center are for official use and conferences. The uniquely designed Guangzhou International Finance Center sometimes gives an assuming triangular look to tourists. The dark blue color gives Guangzhou International Finance Centera marvelous look not only in the day light but also at night.

7. Willis Tower

Willis tower sears tower
Willis Tower is currently the 7th tallest building of the world. In our list Willis Tower is the only one which is the most oldest among these all skyscrapers. It was constructed in 1974 in Chicago which is one of the most beautiful cities of United States. Having the recorded height of 442 meters (1,451 feet) along with 108 floors and 104 elevators makes Willis Tower an ideal place for any professional company and that’s the main reason it’s mostly occupied by different companies related to law, insurance and financial services companies. Willis Tower has an honor of holding a title of being the tallest building of the world for straight 22 years from 1974 to 1996. After that the Petronas Towerswas created in Malaysia which took the title from it.

6. Nanjing Greenland Financial Center

nanjing greenland financial center
Nanjing Greenland Financial Center is located in Nanjing which is one of the most rising cities of China in terms of financial growth. Currently Nanjing Greenland Financial Center is the 6th tallest building of the world which was built in 2010. This outstandingly designed skyscraper is having a measured height of 450 meters (1,476 feet) along with 66 floors which are mostly used for official purposes by many multinational companies. From many experienced tourists and engineers point of views it’s commonly said that the building reflects the traditional and historical cultural look of China. One interesting thing about it is that it has been designed by the same architect who has designedBurj Dubai.

5. Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers
Petronas Towers are basically two Towers of the same height connected in the middle of the building and that y we consider both of them as being a single building to explain better. Currently Petronas Towers are considered as the 5th tallest buildings of the world which were built in 1998 in Kuala Lampur a very beautiful city of Malaysia. With a recorded height of 452 meters (1,483 feet) both having 88 floors these high towers with no doubt can be called an architectural wonder of the world.Petronas Towers are basically used for commercial purposes only by different level of companies. Still if we look at it from a twin building point of view then Petronas Towers holds the 1st place as being the tallest twin towers of the world. They are also called as the pride of Malaysia sometimes.

4. International Commerce Centre

International commerce centre
International Commerce Centre is one of the most legendary mega structure produced ever. Currently International Commerce Centre holds the 4th position of being the tallest building of the world and the highest building of Hong Kong. With a measured height of 484 meters (1,588 feet) and 118 floors this tall building was built in 2010. This awesomely designed building is mostly used for commercial office purposes. International Commerce Centre is among one of the most uniquely designed mega structures of the world. The light blue color outlook of this building makes it even more eyes catching and it also gets some points as having one of highest constructed hotel ever.

3. Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center
Shanghai World Financial Center is currently the 3rd tallest building of the world which was constructed in 2008 in Shanghai. It’s like one of the best architectural wonders of China and more over it is also the tallest building of China. Shanghai World Financial Center is used for a combination of purposes like hotels, offices, conference halls and shopping malls which are mostly on the ground floor. This magnificent Building has 101 floors with 91 elevators and the measured height is 492 meters (1,614 feet). From a long distance the light blue color of Shanghai World Financial Center in night gives an outlook of a giant blue angel standing on earth.

2. Taipei 101

Taipei 101
Taipei 101 is the 2nd tallest skyscraper of the world currently. It is one of the most uniquely designed and constructed mega structures which reflects the ancient values and technology of Taiwan. It also reflects a little bit Chinese cultural building look as well. Taipei 101 was built in 2004 in Taipei which is one of the most beautiful city of Taiwan. Taipei 101 has 101 floors along with 61 elevators and the recorded height is 509 meters (1,671 feet). Taipei 101 is designed in such a way that it can deal with nature obstacles as well to a specific level such as typhoons and earthquakes. Taipei 101 is basically used for commercial purposes like restaurants, clubs, shopping stores and lot more. Some of the world biggest corporations also have their offices in and outlets in Taipei 101 and looks like a city itself when you enter in it. One of the most interesting things about Taipei 101 is that it has thefastest elevators of the world.

1. Burj Khalifa (Burj Dubai)

Burj khalifa
Burj Dubai currently is the tallest building of the world. Buj Dubai was built in 2010 having a record measured height of 828 meters (2,716 feet) along with 162 floors. Burj Dubai is the tallest record breaking mega structure on the planet till now. Along with being the tallest building in the world Burj Dubai has several different titles as well like a building with maximum floors, tallest residential building ever, having a highest mosque on 158th floor, highest restaurant on 122nd floor, highest night club on 144th  floor and many more which cover s almost all the highest things records of the world. People who love to watch down from heights can pay anything to reach the top floor and  look down at least once from Burj Dubai. It sometimes get impossible to believe after looking at this building that a human being is capable enough to make these kind of mega structures.