Publish Blog to Website

Add a new directory to your existing website. This will be the place where Blogger sends your blog posts.

1.Sign in to Blogger.

2.Go to the Settings > Publishing page for your blog.

3.Select the option to publish to a Custom Domain.

4.Fill in the form fields asking for FTP server, Blog URL and FTP path with the information for your website.

5.The blog URL will use the new directory name you have ready, such as

6.The FTP path will be exactly like the one you use for your site, except the new directory name will be included. It might look something like this: public_html/blogname/.

7.Decide what filename you want for the main page of the blog. A good choice is index.html.

8.Decide on the feed filename. If you're using Blogger's feed, this will probably be atom.xml.

9.Finally, give Blogger the username and FTP password for your web site.

10.Click Save Settings. Publish your blog to the new location on your own web site.