Cancer in cosmetic

 Here are some Health Tips, specifically on cosmetic, and personal product used daily.

 In a typical day, the modern man and woman brushes his/her teeth with toothpaste, gargles the mouth with mouthwash, bathes using soap, shampoo and later uses hair styling gel. Washes face with cleanser or scrub, and later use toner.

 For woman, the routine was continued with using moisturizer, foundation, or compact powder, addition of that some blusher on the cheek, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow and mascara for the eyes, and lip gloss or lipstick.

 For man, shaving cream, a few pats of aftershave and powder.

To smell good, you use a deodorant and spray some perfume.

By the time you finished grooming and cleaning, your body have already absorbed 9 chemical compounds that is known to cause cancer to human (carcinogenic).

How deadly is a your cosmetic or personal?? Read on....
  • eyeshadow can have up to 22 carcinogen in it
  • lipstick and facial cleanser (21 each)
  • hair dye and shampoo   (20 each) 
  • lip balm    (14 each)  
  • foundation,  (12 each)  
  • moisturizer   (10 each)  
  • perfume  (9 each)  
  • scrub and hair gel (8 each)
  • deodorant   (7 each)  
  • nail polish   (6 each)  
  • compact powder, shaving cream and soap  (4 each)   
  • toner, eyebrow pencil and eyeliner (3 each)   
  • mascara   (2 each)   
  • mouthwash   (1 each)  
Click on the image above to see carcinogenic threat to body or view its original here.

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