Most Popular WWE Divas

WWE Divas 2012

When we talk about WWE Divas, we are actually talking about the female pillars of WWE which are holding together the excitement of users in a unique way. Much of the excitment and entertainment would be lost if the WWE Divas were to be ignored! Although people love to watch WWE because of their famous wrestlers like John Cena, Undertaker, Khali, Triple H etc but many just watch WWE just for the sake of WWE Divas. While these WWE Superstars perform all the heavy action, the Divas hold the charge of entertainment and attraction.
The Following list of WWE Divas 2012 is not made on personnel or individual choices, but one thing which is highly kept in mind before finalizing it is their current popularity level on Facebook. So, enjoy the list and don’t forget to share it so that The Divas would get a chance to say thanks to you. Don’t take it seriously!!

10. Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes is a gorgeous looking 5 feet 9 inches tall diva with excellent wrestling skills. Rosa Mendes rocked the WWE RAW in the years 2008 and 2009 but she moved to ECW after that. It was in the beginning of year 2011 that she returned back to SmackDown and has been on the list of WWE Divas since. The popularity level of Rosa Mendes can be easily judged by her official fan page which has more than 30,700 likes.

9. Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox is also called the Rihanna of WWE by many of her fans because of her face resemblance with the singer Rihanna. The very agile and athletic Alicia Fox is a gifted athlete and is clever as a Fox; which is very well stated in her name also! Alicia Fox regularly appears in both singles matches as well as a tag team partner with fellow WWE Divas. Her official Facebook like page has more than 39,500 likes and presently she holds 9th place in the list of Top 10 Most Popular WWE Divas on Facebook 2012..

8. A.J.


A.J is a WWE Diva with extraordinary talents and a very flexible body. People love to watch A.J‘s matches because of her surprisingly flexible moves and attacks. These moves leave the viewers speechless almost every time as they ask themselves how did she do that? A.J is also part of the very popular WWE Divas tag team called The Chickbusters with Kaitlyn. This short talented lady has many fans and this can be seen by looking at her fan page which has more than 51,000 fans!

7. Kaitlyn


Kaitlyn entered the WWE universe after winning the 3rd season of NXT for Divas. Her stunning looks and beauty is a solid reason for her demand and popularity in WWE. The Lotus Lock, Wedgie Bomb are some of the signature moves of this deadly wrestler. Also known as the girl next door, this young lady proved to the world that with if you have talents and beauty, than you can lead any industry and win any title. Kaitlyn has a count of more than 63,000 Facebook fans and ranks 7th in the list of Top 10 Most Popular WWE Divas on Facebook 2012.

6. Layla

Layla is one of those WWE Divas who have proved themselves with the passage of time that not only attractive and beautiful but also talented and clever enough to handle the situations as well. She currently holds the WWE Divas championship after coming back from a year long break. Layla is the only WWE Diva who is not an American. She has made a great impact on WWE fans all over the globe because of her bravery and beauty. The numbered figure of her official fan page is above 80,000 and still rising day by day.

5. Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix is a very talented muscular WWE Diva with an outstanding wrestling career filled with many titles. She joined WWE in the early 2009 but was forced to go back into training after getting severely injured. Today, she is one of the leading female wrestlers of WWE industry. She also holds the record of fighting in a Royal Rumble match! Beth Phoenix is one of the favorite choices of thousands of fans all over the globe and that would be easily analyzed by looking at her Fan page. Beth Phoenix has secured 5th place in the Top 10 Most Popular WWE Divas on Facebook 2012 list.

4. Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool is one of the most beautiful WWE Divas present in the industry. This teacher turned Diva has outstanding skills and looks which makes her even more attractive and stunning for her fans.  She appeared among other WWE Divas in 2004 but her career has so many highlights that they can’t be sumed up in couple of lines! Her famous wings of love has won her many a title matches. On the other hand, the number of fans on her Facebook fan page easily differentiates between her and others WWE Divas present on the list.

3. Natalya


Natalya is a very talented lady and also known as the princess of wrestling world. She has been wrestling for the last 12 years and has a bag full of tricks to execute in the ring. All the WWE Divas have some kind of specialty which have made them popular and same is the case with Natalya. She is related to the great Bret “Hit-man” Hart and is a member of the hart Foundation. People love to watch the matches of Natalya and currently she is the 3rd lady to reach the 6 figure of Facebook likes. Natalya ranks 3rd in the Top 10 Most Popular WWE Divas on Facebook 2012 list.

2. Eve Torres

Eve Torres

In senior wrestlers as well as fans’ opinion, if there was a 2nd name of beauty, then it would be Eve Torres. Currently, she is one of the most beautiful WWE Divas in the industry. This dark beauty has enthralled many a hearts during her years in WWE Divas since she won the WWE Diva search back in 2008. Eve Torres thoroughly used her outstanding looks as well as aggressive wrestling skills to get herself on the top of success ladder. Her official Fan page got a massive boom after WrestleMania 2012. She has won the championship twice till date.

1. Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly

On the top of the list of most popular WWE Divas on Facebook, Kelly Kelly holds the first position with the most likes and user engagement. People love to watch her matches and Kelly Kelly also knows this. The best part is that she dresses always in such a way that even a 70 year old man would not stop staring at her! Her fans know that Kelly Kelly was primarily an exhibitionist but later concentrated more on wrestling matches that dance. She lost a number of title matches for the WWE Divas Championship before finally winning it after 3 years! Kelly Kelly is ranked at the top of the Top 10 Most Popular WWE Divas on Facebook 2012 list.