Amazing Whales


Whales are the largest Aquatic mammals on the Earth, here we collected some cool facts about it.

1) Sperm Whales are the creatures in the earth that had more weighted Brain , it weighs about 9kilograms.

2) The Sperm Whale can hold its breath for at least an Hour

3) Sperm Whales cannot breathe through Mouth, Because the Mouth is directly connected to the Stomach

4) The Female Blue Whale is larger than the Male Whale

5) Whales ancestors are land dwelling animals, it became marine animals 50 Million Years ago

6) Whales need to eat 50-150 kilo grams meat every day

7) The Blue Whale is the Largest Whale

8) The Dwarf Sperm is the Smallest Whale

9) The Male Whale is called the Bull

10) A Group of Whales is called pod or school.

11) Whales have life span Similar to the humans.