Cancer in Food

Cancer in Food
My post today is on water bottles made from polycarbonate.
Polycarbonate is a polymer formed from polymerization of monomer Bisphenol-A (BPA).
Above is the structure of BPA monomer.

Transmission effect of BPA on baby health, body and their neurology have already be conducted. Reports shown BPA can damage neurology of baby and can also cause cancer.

Thus if you want to buy water bottle for yourself or sippy cup for your child, please look at the bottom of the bottle and search for bottle that state "BPA free". Link show gourmet bottle for daily usage.

Also if you want to avoid emission of carcinogenic element from your bottle or food container, also look at the bottom of container and find "fork n spoon" symbols. This mean that the company have already conducted several experiments regarding the emission from the container due to the initial sterilization of the container. The experiments conclude that NO EMISSION, or EMITS within the accepted range and then only the company can put the "fork n spoon". Also laws that they have to follow in order to put the symbols (i will not explain bout the laws).

Selection of container depends on your usage or purpose. Dont be shamed to ask anyone that more experienced in that field. Or you can just ask always free to answer any question