Google +1 button

If you interested in adding floating sharing buttons (on the left side of my blog), i have already included Facebook Share, Retweet, Stumble, Google Buzz, Digg This and Google +1 (plus one) buttons in the C++ script. Each of them comes with a live counter. The corners of Facebook Share button and counter are rounded to blend with the rest of the buttons (doesn’t work in Internet Explorer, of course). You can add more social bookmarking or sharing buttons later if you wish.

A. Adding the buttons

1.Login to your Blogger account.
2.Go to Design > Page Elements.
3.Click Add A Gadget.
4.In Add A Gadget window, select HTML/Javascript .
5.Copy the code from my link here or my other link here and paste it inside the content box.
6.Save the gadget.
7.Drag the gadget and reposition it under Blog Posts gadget.
8.Click Save button on upper right corner.

B. Customizing

1.Vertical alignment
Change the value of bottom in code line 2. The code positions the button relative to the bottom of your browser window. To fix the distance even when window is resized, specify the value in px (pixels) instead of %.

2.Horizontal alignment
Change the value of margin-left in code line 2. Negative value pushes the button to the left of the main blog column, positive value pushes it to the right.
To position the button relative to the left or right edge of browser window, replace the margin-left with left (as in left:10px;) or right (as in right:10px;) respectively.

3.Replacing and removing buttons
You can replace existing buttons with your own.
To replace the button, simply replace the button code with the new code.
To remove the button, delete the whole div.