Some Good Home remedies for the Vomitings

Vomiting is an Forceful act of the Irritable matter from the Stomach.People feel drowsy and get tired due to this act, we can cure this vomiting by following some Natural Remedies.Please note this.............

1) In the Period of Nausea, Please take the Sweet fresh juices in small amounts which prevent the Vomiting

2) First Boil the half cup of rice with one cup of water and filter it, then drink this residual Water.It is an
    Effective Cure

3) Sprinkle the Rock Salt on the Lemon and lick it, It is an Effective Remedy for the Vomitings

4) Try to Drink The Ginger Tea without Sugar, it is an Good Effective Remedy

5) Try to Smell the Orange peel , it helps you to stop the Vomiting

6) Consumption of one tea spoon of onion juice in regular intervals will reduce the Vomiting

7) Take a Half tea spoon of Grounded Cumin seeds with water Prevents Vomiting

8) Take lime juice, salt and sugar. Mix with the cold water and drink regularly for an time interval two hours
   to prevent the vomiting