How to increase Man Libido

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As we Grow older, Naturally The strength of the Libido Decrease.A part from this, There are Several Reasons for the Decrease of Libido, like Psychological and Physical Reasons.

Consumption of Alcohol Leads to Hormonal Imbalance and Loss of libido.
Stress is the Main reason for the loss of Libido physically.

Foods that normally increase the libido are given.

1) The Raw Oysters is the one of the food, as it contains High Percentage of Zinc, Which is Vital for the Sperm and Hormone Production

2) Bananas contain the Bromelain , a Protein which will helps to increase the libido naturally.

3) Avocados are Having High Folic acids which helps in Boosting the Libido in Men.

4) Eggs Contain Vitamins which will maintain the Hormone Balance , and there by it increases the Libido naturally.

5) Nuts are also rich in the fatty acids that Boost the Normal Production Of Hormones

Some Tips for increasing Sexual Drive

1) Please Quit Smoking , It adversely affects the Male Fertility

2) Just Live Stress Free, Reducing the stress will Boost your Hormone Growth

3) Decrease the Alcohol intake, It is also effects in your fertility

4) Proper Exercise daily for an Hour will give you good results

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